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Shamanic Journeys offers classes in Alchemical Healing and related subjects, including Egyptian Mysteries and Planetary Healing. Following are a few of the seminars offered. For more detailed descriptions of classes, please direct requests for information to
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Nicki's GardenRetreats

We have a lovely retreat center in Eugene, Oregon that can accommodate seminars and small gatherings. Please check our schedules page for details of these and other events and classes sponsored by Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. or taught by Nicki Scully, and other associated teachers throughout the world.

Alchemical Healing

During this volatile time, the principles of alchemy offer effective tools to thwart our apocalyptic bent. The classical arcane goal of turning lead into gold is an apt metaphor for the transformation we require now, both personally and globally. How can we enlighten the lead of depression, fear and despair that holds so many people hostage? By what methods can we turn the pandemic of environmentally based diseases into opportunities for a healthier and more fulfilled future?

Click here to isten to a podcast of the latest Introduction to Alchemical Healing with Nicki.

Whether responding to global issues or specific personal needs—whether for physical healing or for spiritual growth and development, our inherent ability to recognize and utilize available intelligence is often underestimated and overlooked. Alchemy is the process of turning the base substance of who we are—the dark mystery of our subconscious—into the alchemical gold of knowledge and enlightenment. Like carbon that undergoes tremendous amounts of heat and pressure in order to become a clear, hard, exquisite diamond, we master our lives and achieve clarity and brilliance through the management of pressure and our adversarial conditions.

Modern alchemy is emerging as one of the most powerful tools for transforming our reality, and Alchemical Healing, the comprehensive form developed by Nicki Scully, is an important vehicle for those who would heal themselves, and others. Alchemical Healing provides ways to weave spirit and matter, to develop communications between divinity and humanity, to transform experience into wisdom, and to skillfully influence physical reality to achieve healing and transformation. It honors the accumulated wisdom of the Earth and humankind, both in written and oral traditions, and it permits entry into the magical realms of intuition and limitless knowledge.

Through Alchemical Healing we consciously enter the infinite depths, prepared to bring forth that which has yet to be put into words, and to expand our capabilities to translate our magical experience into effective healing action. (For more information see Danielle Hoffmann's article: Alchemical Healing- Principles To Live By)

Healing Services Disclaimer

Alchemical Healing and the related subjects, information, tools, products, classes and services are in no way meant as substitutes for conventional medicine or advice. We do not diagnose nor treat, or claim to cure physical or mental illness. If you are ill, you are recommended to see the doctor of your choice. If you choose to consult with, accept or utilize advice, information, or services, from me or anyone represented on this site, you do so at your own choice and risk; we do not guarantee results, and understand that what helps one person may not help another. We will not accept responsibility for any adverse affects, however they may arise.

Listen to a podcasts of previous Introduction to Alchemical Healing classes with Nicki: click here.

Click Here to read feedback from previous Alchemical Healing classes.

Alchemical Healing and the related subjects, information, tools, products, classes and services are in no way meant as substitutes for conventional medicine or advice. We do not diagnose nor treat, or claim to cure physical or mental illness. If you are ill, you are recommended to see the doctor of your choice. If you choose to consult with, accept or utilize advice, information, or services, from me or anyone represented on this site, you do so at your own choice and risk; we do not guarantee results, and understand that what helps one person may not help another. We will not accept responsibility for any adverse affects, however they may arise.

Alchemical Healing Level I Tele/Web Seminar
with Nicki Scully

Each class includes four two-hour sessions each with Nicki Scully
Held on Monday and Thursday Evenings (registration)
Level I: February 10, 13, 17, 20
5:30 to 7:30pm Pacific time (8:30 to 10:00pm Eastern)

I am offering this basic Alchemical Healing course by phone so that those who can't find a teacher in their area, or can't come to my yearly intensive retreat have an opportunity to study Alchemical Healing with me. Each evening will include empowerments, demonstrations, and discussions. There is opportunity for practice with other participants during private exchanges by phone with pre-determined partners during some of the calls and in between classes. This is a powerful and economical way to support your own study of the book, and learn techniques of Alchemical Healing utilizing the latest in conference phone technology, and from the comfort of your home.

Class participants will be able to schedule a private phone session with Nicki for the discounted price of $100 within a month after the class. .

It is important for each participant to have copies of both Alchemical Healing and Power Animal Meditations, as they are the text books for this class. This exploration of the basics of Alchemical Healing includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Thoth and Fire Mist Shower Empowerment
  • Opening of the hands and third eye
  • Using your hands to feel a person's energy field
  • Learn to feel states of health and dissonance
  • X-ray Vision
  • Learn safe techniques for clearing pain, trauma, illness & emotional blocks
  • Work energetically with plants for healing
  • Safely Access Spiritual Allies, Guides and Totems
  • Distance Healing
  • Forgiveness as an Alchemical Process

Tuition for the class is $175. Space is limited and will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.! You may purchase your registration here.

A selection of a past Phone Bridge Classes can be listened to on our Podcast page.

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Upcoming Alchemical Healing Classes

Alchemical Healing Levels I and II
with Yellow Wolf Nieves

Nov 22 - 23
Alchemical Healing Level I

December 13 - 14
Alchemical Healing Level II

Registration Details here…

Alchemical Healing Levels I and II
with Indigo Rønlov

January 16-19, 2015
Alchemical Healing Level I

February 6-9, 2015
Alchemical Healing Level II

Registration details can be found on Indigo's classes page.

Both AH I & II Class Schedule:

  • Friday 6:30 – 9pm (tea & treat)
  • Saturday 9:30am – 9:00pm (Lunch, Dinner & Chocolate provided)
  • Sunday 10am – 6pm (Lunch & Chocolate provided)
  • Monday 6:30 - 9pm (tea & treat)

Alchemical Healing Level I
October 1 - 2

In Eugene, Oregon with Dea Lisk and Indigo Ronlov
More information on this class can be found here.

Alchemical Healing by Nicki ScullyIntroduction to Alchemical Healing Phone Bridge Class

I am offering a free live web/telecast to introduce Alchemical Healing and to demonstrate its techniques and principles for those who would like to learn more about this powerful healing form.

When you register for the call, please let me know in the comment space if you have a specific physical need. I will choose from your comments the ones most suited for demonstration purposes. It never ceases to amaze me how telephone bridge technology lends itself to these demonstrations. I find that all the Alchemical Healing techniques, including laying on of hands, psychic surgery, and working with spirit allies and elements, can be demonstrated quite powerfully on the phone. Not only does everybody get it, but I can work on several, or, depending upon the issue chosen, everyone simultaneously.

Register for this free teleclass here.

Alchemical Healing Level I

This comprehensive healing course combines diverse and innovative techniques that are practical and applicable in today's world for physical healing and therapeutic counseling. All people desiring self healing and increasing their capacity to heal others will find this a powerful and transformative experience. Counselors and therapists wishing to learn these techniques will find this unusual approach exciting as well as effective.

  • Fire Mist Shower Empowerment
  • Opening of the hands and third eye
  • Using your hands to feel a person's energy field
  • Learn to feel states of health and dissonance
  • Learn safe techniques for clearing pain, trauma, illness & emotional blocks
  • Work energetically with plants for healing
  • Healing with Five Elements
  • Safely Access Spiritual Allies, Guides and Totems
  • Distance Healing
  • Ethics of Healing
  • Forgiveness as an Alchemical Process

Alchemical Healing Level II

This seminar is open to students who want to learn and practice deeper levels of this powerful healing alternative, and have taken Alchemical Healing Level One. Here we explore Akashic healing and other new techniques and initiations, with plenty of time for practice. New work will include but not be limited to:

  • Caduceus Empowerment
  • Power Animals & Guides
  • Akashic Initiations and Practice
  • Healing with Akasha
  • Accessing the Akashic Records
  • Electromagnetic Current initiation
  • Power of Commitment
  • Principles of Psychic Surgery

Alchemical Healing Level III

This seminar completes the main body of the Alchemical Healing work. It includes very sophisticated techniques and is available only to those that have completed Levels I and II. Nicki teaches this class once each year, or when a sufficient number of students are prepared. Please check the schedule or call when you feel you are ready.

Alchemical Healing Intensive Retreat with Nicki
July 26 ~ August 3 At Nicki's Place in Eugene, Oregon.
Click here to register online.

Jeya Aerenson and Dea Lisk are offering Alchemical Healing Level I in Eugene Oregon December 6th and 7th (Saturday and Sunday) For more information email: or call 541-686-1515 or 541-543-8832.

Sharlyn Hidalgo is offering a 5 week Alchemical Healing II Class in Seattle in February 2009. Dates are: Feb. 24 and March 3, 10, 17 and 24. Please email Sharlyn for further information on location and cost.

Liisa Korpela is offering Alchemical Healing classes in Eugene, Oregon. Level I held April 18 - 19 and Level II classes held May 9-10th. For more information contact Liisa at or call the office at 541-484-1099.

Charla Hermann Alchemical Healing classes offered at her center, Hawkwind, in Valley Head, Alabama. Nov. 8th & 9th Alchemical Intensive & Monthly Lodge. Contact: 256-635-6304

Alchemical and Planetary Healing Intensive Seven Day Retreat

With Nicki Scully and other Alchemical Healing Teachers

August 15th - 21st, 2014

This year I am excited to offer a seven day Alchemical and Planetary Healing Intensive retreat seminar. We have decided to consolidate the learning process in order to make it more accessible and with less travel required. The processes in our latest book Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation were initially created to expand the scope of Alchemical Healing beyond one-on-one healing to a larger scale, where it can affect groups and situations such as environmental degradation, diseases, conflicts and disasters. In this retreat we will cover salient rites and initiations from the entire form, providing tools and experience that will give participants depth, breadth and confidence in their personal and planetary Alchemical Healing practices. This retreat is open to all levels of students and practitioners, as we will study the entire form, including processes and initiations from all three related texts (Alchemical Healing, Power Animal Meditations and Planetary Healing), however, we will be moving quickly through the basics thus students are highly encouraged to come to this retreat having already read Alchemical Healing, and practiced the form on some level. This is also a great opportunity for advanced students as it will be both a refresher and an opportunity to learn and practice new techniques and receive new empowerments. This intensive class is a prerequisite for the Alchemical Healing Practitioner Certification.

Nicki's books, Planetary Healing (co-authored with her husband, Mark Hallert), Alchemical Healing and Power Animal Meditations are used as text books for this class, and can be purchased through our office, here, or at your local bookstore.

The cost of this retreat, including most meals and basic indoor accommodations, tipi or tent space, is $1,388. If you register before May 15th, 2014 you will receive a $200 discount. 

Online Registration

Sekhmet: In the Belly of the Goddess
Egyptian Mysteries Teleclass with Nicki Scully

Sekhmet in her chapel at Karnak

You are invited to drink deeply of the nectar of the Goddess, and awaken to renewed life! Sekhmet’s name means Power, the Mighty One. She is the feminine face of the sun, the Lady of Flame. During this time of planetary peril, she is calling for recognition and wishes to empower all who respond to her call. Known to all traditions, her myths and legends are as old as time. Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of both destruction and healing is the feminine fire that transforms; she is also the quintessential compassionate healer. Sekhmet’s name is resounding from the lips of men and women who are actively reclaiming their power.

During the eight hours of phone time, and with some homework (mostly paying attention!) you will transform your deepest and most contentious habit patterns. Sekhmet will also help direct you toward fulfilling your sacred purpose, your reason for being on the planet at this time.

Join our Online Class starting January 13!

Four 2 hour sessions, held from 5:30-7:30pm Pacific, 8:30-10:30pm Eastern: January 13, 16, 20 & 23

Pre-registration is required, and space is limited.

Register Online Here.

See Nicki’s article In The Belly of the Goddess for more information on Sekhmet.

Healing Our Ancestral Lines Tele/Web/Skype Seminar
with Nicki Scully

Sekhmet in her chapel at Karnak

The first evening we will journey to the Cave of the Ancestors and connect with the shamans in this ancient cave. With their assistance, we will strengthen and reconnect the fragmented lines between ourselves and the old, wise ones whose strength, courage and tenacity have sustained life for our people so that we are here today.

The second evening we will go deeper, learning to heal the wounds and scars created from the many breaks in our historical, physical and spiritual lines, freeing up the energy and channels so that we can receive and send forward the power that will sustain us and the future. You will also learn how to work with these shamans for future healing for yourself and others.

For more information on the Cave of the Ancestors, visit the page on

Join our Online Class starting February 11!

Two 2 hour sessions, held from 6:00-7:30pm Pacific, 9:00-10:30pm Eastern: February 11 and 18

Pre-registration is required, and space is limited.

Register Online Here.

Free Phone Bridge for Healing Cancer

Next Cancer Phone Bridge: (Date and Time to be Announced)

This cancer phone bridge is free and open to people who wish to be in support of those with cancer as well as those who are dealing directly with this ubiquitous disease. This bridge feels particularly powerful. It appears that both the numbers and the geographical expanse that phone bridge technology allows add to the potency and momentum of the healing ritual. Feel free to inform all those who would benefit from this journey, and we will try to accommodate them. The call lasts for one hour. For further information about this bridge, see some of our great feedback.

The Magical Bonds of Isis and Thoth: An Egyptian Egyptian Mysteries Retreat

Co-created and led by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully

September 11 - 15, 2014

Eugene, Oregon, at the Lyceum of Shamanic Egypt
at Nicki Scully's home/center/temple.

Online Registration Here…

In September 2014 Nicki Scully and Normandi Ellis bring their annual Egyptian Mysteries experience back to Oregon. Enter new portals into ancient teachings as we explore the ways in which ancient sacred texts provided the soul with a road map to deeper and fuller spiritual life on the physical, mental and spiritual planes. Learn how the ancients worked with natural laws that enhanced their abilities to create opportunities for magic to happen, and to further prepare us for the next stage of our evolutionary process.

Nicki and Normandi will guide participants into a deeper relationship with Isis, Thoth, and the Egyptian neteru family, through guided meditation, ritual, and discussion. Thoth, the lunar god of wisdom, magic, language, communications, healing, and science inscribed the 42 sacred texts that address these natural laws. He is not only the "teachers' teacher", he is also the principle of wisdom that the gods of Egypt call upon when they need guidance. The legacy of Thoth, found in The Emerald Tablets, implants the seed of wisdom found in many other spiritual systems, such as Tarot, Kabbalah, and the Western magical tradition.

Isis, who learned her magic from the lips of Thoth, embodies the great power of love and desire—the essence of all magic—that allowed her to raise her husband Osiris from the dead in order to conceive their son, Horus, the current ruling god of the Egyptian pantheon. She is known as handmaiden of the god, a healer, a spiritual leader, mother and magician. In later traditions, Isis is known as the Salve Regina archetype of the Great Mother.

This retreat is being held at the Lyceum of Shamanic Egypt, Nicki’s lovely home center in Eugene, Oregon. The pro-rated cost of this retreat, including most meals and basic indoor accommodations, tipi or tent space, is $988 if you register before July 31st.  After August 1st, the price is $1,188. You may secure your space with a non-refundable $300 deposit.

Please note: there will be a limited number of partial scholarships available. Inquire with our office by email:

Online Registration Here…

In 2002, Normandi Ellis and I presented for the first time an Egyptian Mysteries retreat we called Becoming the Oracle, based on work that my husband Mark Hallert and I initially visioned together. This spring, with the brilliant visioning of Gloria Taylor Brown, the next iteration of Becoming An Oracle was published in a seven CD audio program (Sounds True, May, 2009). Please see our beautiful new website,, for a taste of this new program and a sample journey. During this year's Mystery School Retreat, we will enter into the odyssey of the oracle as we explore the relevance of ancient oracular technology in today's world.

Our Becoming an Oracle Retreat is more than a workshop— it is a pilgrimage during which we will explore ancient and modern oracular technology, with particular focus on ceremonies and initiations that heighten your intuitive senses and bring you into alignment with truth, harmony and your inherent divinity. As you discover your innate oracular abilities, you will learn to find answers to life’s challenges for yourself, for others, and for the Earth. During this unique spiritual adventure you will receive initiations into a number of oracular traditions, and begin to familiarize yourself with divination tools such as runes, tarot, palmistry, crystal gazing and scrying. We begin and end in Egypt, and in between we will visit cultures from the audio program, and others that we were unable to fit into the published course. The Anubis Oracle (written by Nicki and Linda Star Wolf, and illustrated by Kris Waldherr), will be one of the primary oracular tools that we will consult and learn about during this retreat. The Anubis Oracle introduces us to the archetypal deities and elemental spirits from the Egyptian pantheon that have come forward to assist us on our journey of transformation and renewal.

The retreat will be held at the Lyceum of Shamanic Egypt, the healing center maintained at Nicki's home, a magical sanctuary in the hills on the edge of Eugene, Oregon. The retreat begins the evening of August 19 and continues through the evening of August 23.

The cost of this retreat, including meals and accommodations, is $788, but if you register before August 1, the tuition is only $688. Register online at Hathor's Mirror.

There are a limited number of partial scholarships available. Email to apply.

Gloria Taylor Brown has a wonderful new website where you can learn more about her and the great things she is doing. Please visit

We wish to create an ongoing continuing education program that unites the Egyptian Mysteries, Alchemical Healing, planetary healing and the new Oracle work, that we can present over the next two years. The 2009 Egyptian Mysteries Retreat will provide an in depth foundation in order for us to move forward with this program. We will post details of the extended Mystery School program in the near future.


To register for classes and retreats:

Free classes require online registration; each class presents a link for that purpose.

Registration and payment for paid classes is available on Hathor's Mirror. For classes given by other teachers, please contact the teacher directly.

Checks may be sent to: Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. PO Box 5025 Eugene, OR 97405

Call 541-484-1099 during our office hours of 9AM to 3:30PM Pacific time, or email with a credit card for registration. A letter of receipt with directions and details for the class will be sent to you by e-mail. Feel free to call if you have any further questions. Please contact us for additional information on classes not listed on this page. If you are interested in hosting a class in your area, please let us know, as there are now a number of teachers prepared to travel and share this exciting work.


For a current schedule of events and seminars, go to our schedules page.

To learn more about our Alchemical Healing teachers, go to our staff page.

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