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Bridge for Healing Cancer

Our Bridge for Healing Cancer program presents phone bridge rituals conducted by Nicki Scully to heal and transform cancer. Whether you have cancer or want to assist and support those who are suffering from cancer, you are welcome to join our bridge. Up to sixty participants meet by telephone for each bridge to practice an Alchemical Healing process during which we join together to create a vessel in the shape of a parabola. From this form, which is similar to a satellite dish, we receive potent healing energies and also transmit cancer cells outward in a safe and effective way.

The next Bridge for Healing Cancer:

(Date and Time to be Announced)

Go to the Bridge for Healing Cancer podcasts page to listen to recordings of past Cancer Bridge calls.

We have been practicing this healing process with excellent results since March, 2005. Once you have learned the techniques involved by participating, you can work on your own and tap into the etheric structure we have created as a collective.

This ceremony has been recorded and can be accessed through Nicki's new Alchemical Healing DVD. A Recording of previously held Bridges for Healing Cancer are available for listening on our podcasts page.

Please see the comprehensive article/review by Otis Bass on our articles page. Following are a few excerpts from feedback from participants on the Bridge for Healing Cancer sessions, starting with the most recent bridge:

Hi Nicki, I wrote this testimony of your bridges and wanted you to know how I feel as well. I so appreciate that you are sharing your gifts in this way:

“Dear Sister, I was nudged today to let you know of a Teleconference Cancer Healing Bridge I’ve been participating with for the last six months facilitated by Nicki Scully. There is a powerful sacred space that is alive and available for you to tap into via intention and Live if you are able when the next one is offered. On the live bridges she says she offers a free tape of a journey with Kuan Yin. This first article gives you some of the details and a personal account of the basic structure of the healing “parabola” structure that is a living, growing creation to assist Cancer cells to move on to another dimension with love and gratitude. And after that is more info on the CA bridge. I know there are so many opportunities for healing coming to you. Nicki’s (and the Group) compassion and love is amazing. She brings her heart, soul and empathy as a CA survivor to the process and feels like one of your best friends/sister supporting you and others with “cutting edge” guidance as she opens up to source to facilitate an the moment experience. I appreciate Nicki and her husband Mark (who is also an equal member of the team) and all who join in to support. I am grateful I can share it with you and others as an option for self empowerment during these extreme shifting times. I’m getting wordy…cause I just can’t put what I feel in words now. Just feel…and breathe J and know how much you are loved.“ With Love and Blessings, Kat

Nicki, I want to thank and bless you yet again for the cancer phone bridge. I notice a significant improvement emotionally and physically after each session. Part of the realization of how to deal with cancer not only involves standing aside and letting my spirit be ‘out front’, but also the realization that the healed must also be a healer. I have opened myself to what can I do to give back, and how to be of service to others even as I go through my own healing process. I have been blessed with a huge and highly supportive community to support me on my journey, and they are absolutely invaluable to the healing process. I have discussed the phone bridge with a number of oncologists and social workers, and it is unanimously hailed as a great idea. The fact is, many going through this are alone, or have not much support from their personal community, and many of them also lack the resources or mobility to take advantage of many of the healing resources. In these ways, the phone bridge does indeed bridge the gap to a greater community for those individuals, and enables them to take advantage of guided visualizations and the power of group healing. For many, it may be the only real opportunity they get. Because I sense a tremendous way to fill this void, the idea of getting a regular frequency (weekly?), promoting it seriously to clinics, oncologists and counselors, and getting funding to support such a program seems like an excellent way to really ‘give back’, and to involve many others in this incredible tool. I know that you are doing many other things in your life, and the expectation is certainly not to ask you to do a weekly bridge. Rather, if this were to happen, how do you see setting it up, administering it and allowing it to flourish? Thanks again for everything! Love and Blessings, Doug F Readers: Please let us know your ideas on this.

Nicki, Thank yo so much for a powerful Bridge on Tuesday evening. Much to my surprise, my sisters, who don't generally embrace this type of healing work, were also on the call. I'd told one of them about it that afternoon and she got together with our other sister and called in. I'm in New Mexico and they are in New Jersey. How exciting that was. Our father is struggling with Pancreatic Cancer. My hope is that whether or not he goes forward in this life with this body that he'll come to place of peace and we can ease his transition, in whatever shape that transition comes. Peace and Blessings to you. Cynthia R

Good Morning Nicki, I want to say thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do. I participated in your guided phone bridge two weeks ago, July 11th & was filled with this overwhelming intent of love. While in the parabola visualization , I felt an intense gratitude as well as an intense connection with others in the group participating from around the world. I continue to hold a prayer in my heart, that what I desire for myself, I desire for everyone. I would like to sign up for the next phone bridge please. Blessings of gratitude! Tess J

Nicki, That was great info. last night, about the new low energy planets forming, and cancer cells, totalling fascinating. Lindra

Dear Nicki, Thank you for the extraordinary experience tonight. I was truly moved to share in the alchemical healing experience. I was so touched by the stories and the healing experience, that it has left a definite soul print on my spirit. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for years, teaching it in the most unlikely places, mostly to indigenous people where ever I have worked as a nurse in developing countries and in Alaska, but this is the first time I have been privileged to participate in such a large group. Thank you for providing that space for me to do so. May you be blessed in abundance for all that you are doing and may your heart be full of joy and peace always. Namaste Bonnie D

Dear Nicki, Thank you so much for holding the Cancer Phone Bridge yesterday. It was a powerful experience. Three hours later when I did a standing meditation before bed, it felt as if the reserve energy from the bridge was still with me. I felt incredibly light; it felt as if I would float if I lay back and let my feet come off the floor. If we can't join future bridges through the phone system, could we still add to the power of the parabola by visualizing ourselves as being there when the phone bridge is is session? Tsing C Answer: Yes, you can add to the power of the parabola any time, even when we are not on a bridge. The structure is in place to work with, and every time you do it makes it stronger.

…Until my daughter sent me your website, I never heard of Nicki Scully or Alchemical Healing. As I read the testimonials, I could see myself in the circle of compassion and light and being healed. The cancer in my body is ready to leave and until I read about the "Bridge", I looked at cancer as an enemy. I never realized until this very moment …"LOVE" must be given to all, even cancer. I look forward to your newsletter and all articles you send. PeggyAnn H

Good Morning Nicki, I want to say thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in your Cancer Phone Bridge last evening. It was an inspiring experience to be on the parabola with so many others, especially to be there with my daughter Katherine. Your empathy, kindness, and support for us and for everyone together was evident and powerful. Intention heals. I am learning to believe in the Great Rethinking. In gratitude, Eunice G

… It is important for people to recognize that the parabola that was created during the very first bridge is an energy form, and that as such it remains "intact", and that each time bridge work is done, whether during a bridge or in between times, this same form is the one that participants go to. People need to realize that each time someone goes there - whether to add energy or to make us of the energy, that the form is strengthened. Whether you placed them there or not, I feel that there is a host of energies that are "watch keepers", or "gate keepers" over this parabola. I was impressed that this particular healing is done with/through the use of compassion, rather than taking a warrior army in to do away with the errant cells. It felt so "right" to give them the choice of having another place to go, one where they could live their lives without causing harm to other life forms. Whether this is another planet, or what might be termed an alternative planet to earth (existing at the same time, but in a separate space) is not of consequence - the point here would be that there is a place where these cells can go and thrive. :) I was also happy to see that you addressed "filling the empty space" that the cells had vacated. Were this not done, the remaining cells would have had room to grow very, very fast! Also, outside energies would have had a hole to go through to find a new home. As you ran the exercise, the physical hole and the psychic (auric) holes were "cleaned up", and the patient left "whole". And all of this was done without overwhelming anyone with information. ;-) Part of a letter from Bonnie C. 3/30/06

…By working with cancer cells in this way, I believe we are also addressing the prevention of cancer …in places where they are lying dormant just waiting for fertile ground!!! Anita B.

I too saw the cancer cells as sparkling green and blue lights leaving the planet. They were excited about this new journey and looking forward to their next opportunity for growth. What a beautiful and non-judgmental way of honoring them, by sending them to a place where their fecundity is a blessing and not a curse.This is a very powerful and versatile form of healing and I can imagine it being used for many different types of dis-ease that now plague us. I would be very willing to participate in future healing sessions for cancer or other maladies. P.M.

The energy was very clean and pure and I certainly would love to participate again and again and hopefully, there will come a time when all cancer cells are leaving on their own …kind of like the 100th monkey theory. As soon as the cell becomes aware of itself and that it has a job to do elsewhere it will leave. V.P.

As the amount of energy waxed then waned, the connections were very strong for everyone. This technique is so very exciting. I could "see" the tiny light of each cancer cell as it flew into deep space, sparkling on its journey, and I could see the golden white light of love fill the vacated spaces in all those receiving, regenerating healthy cells and being filled with the colors, energies, and sounds of whatever was for the highest good of each. A.

I heard each person share their gifts. I experienced a communion of spirit. I felt the fire of compassion ignite. As our heart-fire burns …As our hands reach out with hearts compassionate fire … I pray our parabola expands into the parable: And that this story will aid our transformation, uplifting the human condition specifically, each of YOU. B.

When the cancer cells were released I saw a ribbon of blue star dust flowing out into the universe winding it way through and around the stars. I also experienced overwhelming joy and freedom as though the cells were happy to be taking this journey. They fulfilled their contract and were happy to be released. I felt that they were not evil or malevolent, just doing their job. D.C.

I participated in the Healing Circle last night and was very excited about the entire experience!! I believe in the power of healing and can truthfully say that I have never experienced the totally electric experience that I did last night with the group. D.V-S.

As another mentioned afterwards, we could feel what you were saying almost before your words reached us …for instance, there was great energy in the palm of my hands and I noticed my fingertips began to radiate, and then you said we "should now feel it in our fingertips" …a wonderful and amazing experience …I could visualize the growing light of all of us extending to the darkness of the Universe.…blowing dandelion seeds gently and consistently from my body …wishing them "farewell", after thanking them for all the lessons I have had the good fortune to learn from them …they began to glow, like sparks floating up, up, up into the unknown places of the sky and stars …it took some time for me to "return" to the circle …hard to formulate words to say "thank you" for this experience, for the kind & supportive healers surrounding us, for those beautiful and compassionate Deities giving of their loving light and energy to each of us …I look forward to participating in the future …I too would like to "give back" and surround the inner circle with healing energy …as someone mentioned so eloquently last night … N

Also read The Parabola Cancer Healing story by Otis Bass. Otis has been a participant in almost every bridge in the last two years.