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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter
Dear Friends,

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who has been touched by the tragedy that happened earlier today.

We, each of us, can find common ground no matter how strongly we disagree on some subjects. Take guns, for instance. While some of us think a semi-automatic assault weapon with clips that can hold more than a couple dozen bullets is an overkill interpretation of the second amendment, we can, at the same time, agree that our precious children should be safe while at school.

I believe that we can start at a point that contains no dispute, like, "We must protect the children," or "We love our children" and "These massacres must stop!" Then, open the floor to suggestions.

We can avoid antagonizing members of this conversation if we listen with respect and, who knows, we might learn something— or even solve the problem of school massacres if people can contribute their well-thought out ideas without being attacked or insulted.

There's not much more I can add to Mark's words above, because today's tragedy in South Florida trumps all other news on this otherwise lovely Valentine's Day. The best I can do is suggest that you check out the summits and other events I'm recommending in this newsletter. They may hold information and or inspiration that can can help us find solutions.

Please consider how you can contribute to this and other conversations that must take place, and the sooner the better!

With lots of love and prayers for all the hearts that have been broken today,
Mark and Nicki

Alchemical Healing Level I with Nicki

Bonita Springs, Florida March 16-18, 2018

Although this class and the textbooks, Alchemical Healing, Planetary Healing and Power Animal Meditations are designed to support and empower healers, the principles that underlie this work are much more far reaching. When I wrote Alchemical Healing I purposely gave it a name with sufficient syllables that would, particularly at that time, filter out all but those who are serious about healing. I felt an obligation, especially because one can self-initiate with the book. Power is a double-edged sword, and the principles that apply to Alchemical Healing are the same ones that relate to the power of manifestation, or to creation in all its forms. I do feel secure enough to believe that if you are reading this newsletter, you will respect that power and use it in the way it is intended. And since I don't know if and when I will teach this again in person, I'm hoping that those of you who can make it to Bonita Springs will join me, as it somehow feels more urgent today than usual. I plan to finish the series (Levels II and III, and possibly IV) at every opportunity I have to visit my grandchildren when they are in Florida, especially while it's cold! More infomation on Alchemical Healing here… To register (space is limited) call Stephanie at The Mystical Moon, 239-301-0655.

SoundsTrue, Power of Shamanism Free Online Summit

February 26 - March 7

Since time immemorial, shamans have served as bridges between humanity and the truths of the natural world. In an era of global communication and increased knowledge of our interdependence, is it any wonder that the practice of shamanism is on the rise? It is my personal belief that the various and diverse shamanic traditions, when expressed with skill and respect, can help us find solutions to the challenges we face in the world today, including that which we spoke about in our note above.

I sincerely hope you join me and a stellar group of more than 30 teachers on the contemporary shamanic path. This lineup includes Sandra Ingerman, Malidoma Somé, Hank Wesselman, Luisah Teish, and many more. My interview is the last in the series, on March 7; I found it to be a strong presentation and interview, and I've included a special gift of one of my favorite journeys. Free Registration for the Power of Shamanism Here…

Create Don't Wait, Free Online Event with Marcelle Voomz

starting February 21

Marcelle Voomz, is on a mission to show you how to create with confidence, so that you can turn your visions into reality. To that end, she's put together a no-cost interview series (20 minute interviews) that unites more than 20 presenters, including me, to share advice for living in the flow, fearlessly expressing yourself, and ultimately, elevating the world!

It's called Create Don't Wait, it begins February 21, and you can sign up here to join us to learn to create work that fulfills you, and hopefully impacts the world. In my interview I plan to share my personal creative process, and how I use shamanistic and alchemical tools to overcome the challenges of creativity that plague most all of us. The other speakers come from a variety of arenas of creativity, including artists, coaches, musicians, writers and more. Sign up for this free summit here… to join us starting February 21.

Free 90 minute webinar: Embracing Uncertainty~ Opening to Infinite Possibility with Michael Stone and Mel Schwartz

Wednesday, February 21, 5pm Pacific

Michael and I, although our pasts are quite different, have found ourselves on the same page, able to finish each other's sentences and seamlessly weave our teachings together. The free webinar is an introduction to a longer, deeper series of teachings, yet this stand-alone tele-conference will open new doors to understanding one of the most challenging dilemmas of our time. From Michael: "Our experiences from the past construct our own personal narrative. This story of self informs our beliefs about who we are in the world. The certainty with which we come to believe our story as being "the truth" impedes our growth and keeps us anchored in repetitive and disempowering thoughts. Learning to embrace uncertainty allows us the freedom to reconsider who we are and who we might become. By becoming a witness to our story we reclaim the power to choose how we will meet, express and be in the world." I hope you will join us for this unique opportunity. Register Here…

Sunrise at Philae

An Egyptian Mysteries Pilgrimage: The Wisdom of the Neteru
with Indigo Rønlov and Debbie Clarkin

March 9 – 22, 2018

We have a full tour starting next week in Egypt, however there are still a few spaces left for another amazing opportunity to visit Egypt for two weeks this March and sail the Nile on our private dahabeya (like the royal yachts of ancient times) for nine exquisite nights. Our tours are distinguished by the special perks we have earned over the last several decades— these include private time at several monuments, such as sunrise between the paws of the Sphinx, private time inside the Great Pyramid, sunrise at the beautiful temple of Isis at Philae, our own chef who will cater to your dietary needs, and much more.

If Egypt is calling you, perhaps now is the time. Tour details here… I am also available if you have any questions. You can reach me at my office at the number in the signature below, between 10AM and 5PM Pacific time (unless I'm out or traveling).


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