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Shamanic Journeys Testimonials

Personal & Planetary Alchemical Healing Retreat

“I cannot thank you enough for the program this August, it has rebooted every aspect of my life with such zeal and freshness and truth.

I have since done another session with a client and it was transformative—what happened and how it shifted so quickly for her—she called it 'Reiki on crack' Haha! But the joking aside, she has reported such profound shifts, as did my previous client…

—Dee K.

Sekhmet:In the Belly of the Goddess Teleclass

"The desert was an interesting place…the memories of the ancient ones. I am in my mind journeying there as I write this to you. A powerful place. The strength I feel in my bones is surprising. I never saw myself that way before… I am coming together and my skeleton is forming on its own as if it knows what needs to be done and to be healed and it draws on the minerals in the desert and forms itself. There is complete trust. I know what to do. I am in the belly of Sekhmet and she is very proud of the work I have just done, and I am proud too.

My Heart-Breath reverberates multi-dimensional Love to You and your many collective causes. hellip;You are indeed the Oracle who introduced me to the alchemic wisdom of bonding Egyptian architecture with Star based gnostic elixirs… You solve the Maze of Clues and Views with singular stitch… Such Beauty in Truth. Such Cosmic Crone unfolding proof of Seeded connection. Thank you , dear Nicki, for so many Pearls upon the string of Knowing…
—Matthew C. S.

Thank you so much for your Sekhmet - In the belly of the Goddess class! I was one of the ones who did not see during the journeys, but I just trusted it and now I see things happening in my physical world, and am so happy for that. I am walking in different shoes and I feel more in my power than before. I am grateful to you and Sekhmet for the healing and leveling up I have received. I'm also happy to have access to the recordings, so that I can go back when I feel the need. Your work is such a gift. I miss the class already.
—Christine Cordova-Hendel


Dear Nicki, I just wanted to write to you today and let you know that we are all having a truly magical time on the Afandina! Indigo and Sandy are co-creating the most beautiful and sacred journey for us, and the group has bonded beautifully.

We are being visited regularly by animal guides such as bees, falcons, doves and even a mamma and baby goat on Elephantine island.

The alchemy is flowing gracefully as we enter more deeply into the Mysteries. I have already had some of the most special and profound experiences in my life. At Philae, I received clear guidance from Mother Isis that I have come full circle, and have completed a 5 year realignment and change process that began in January 2011 when I first visited her temple in Philae. This is now my 7th visit to Egypt, and during this trip I am stepping into my '2nd life' in this incarnation. I know deep in my soul that I will return to Egypt again and again in the future.

Thank you Nicki for all your work, and for creating Shamanic Journeys. You have gifted all those who answer the call of Egypt the opportunity to experience her Mysteries in magical and profound ways. Sending you so much Love and the Blessings of the Neteru from the beautiful Nile.
—Anna-Claire Walsh

In a time when human consciousness longs to remember itself into being, Egypt invites those ready to share her mysteries. Her mysteries remain hidden to travelers merely there to check the "Egypt box" off their bucket list. However for those individuals innocent in their longing, quiet and still enough inside to "see" rather than look and to invite the mysteries to reveal themselves without need for mental interpretation -- for those individuals Egypt offers herself with no holding back. And it's these individuals who bring hope of peace and truth back to the temples and the land. It's these individuals who walk in the safety and love of the hearts of the Egyptian people. If you dare walk this way, let your feet take you into your own longing of remembrance. Go to Egypt. I knew every second I was held and safe! I was welcomed home.
—Deborah, Spiritual Leader, Nine Gates Mystery School

I have a new sense of fertility in darkness -- that death and birth are mutual bedfellows having a deep conversation. This is what I came to Egypt for. The personal dies into a zone inhabited by the gods. Arms raise to the heavens. I emerge into my becoming.
—Sandy, PhD, California

Nicki and I just returned from 15 days of magic in Egypt, the land which is the cradle of our earthly and other worldly states of consciousness. Here the neteru are everywhere visible and vibrant. In Egypt where the desert sand and the River Nile lie so close together, where the fertile green earth is a long stream of divine breath blowing upon us, we have found ourselves at every turn blessed by ancient dreams. And in this day and time beset by modern problems --like how to contain the radioactive energies of the waters in Japan, recent earthquakes and earth changes-we contemplate how to work inside the waves of grief that have accompanied the tsunami, turmoil and the rebellion against oppression worldwide.

How do we citizens of the world envision ourselves stepping fully into the possibility of transformative, prayerful and affirmative vibration that has the potential to change the vibration of this planet? At the very least our explorations have the ability to change our consciousness and the consciousness of those around us. What does Thoth want us to learn and how does he want us to use the lessons he has to teach us?

The work that Nicki and I did in Egypt, along with the 16 intrepid pilgrims who came with us in March, turned us toward a deeper understanding of the way the ancient mysteries live still within us. And we were given a taste of what we will do during the Egyptian Mysteries this year, spiritual explorations that are deep and wide and vital to the way in which we will come to live in a world beyond 2012. Please join us in Eugene this July. We invite you to share with us your experiences during this powerful and poignant moment in our planet's evolution and history.

—Normand Ellis, April 2, 2011

Dear Friends & Family,
Our group returned to the US last night incredibly inspired by a magical 18-day trip to Egypt. We arrived in Cairo on January 28, just as the unrest was gathering steam. Soon after we got off the plane, we were notified that no one would be allowed to leave the airport. Spending 12 hours in (any) airport sounds nightmarish, but watching the crowds in Tahrir Square on Egyptian TV (in Arabic!) in the airport Burger King, we met lots of Egyptians who enthusiastically welcomed us, translated the news to us, and communicated their excitement and pride in the unfolding events. Not knowing much about Egypt, my first worry was that deposing Mubarak might mean more restrictions for Egyptian women. Many women in Egypt wear bright headscarves, some wear burqas, and some don't cover their heads at all. One member of our group made friends with several young women in black burqas with only their eyes showing. They turned out to be biology majors in college and plan to become doctors! Other Egyptian women I spoke with convinced me that Egypt is very unlike other countries where radical clerics have taken over. Egyptians love their army, and while there is worry in any kind of cataclysmic event, most everyone we talked to felt that no matter what, Mubarak had to go. They spoke of their dream of a free society with free and fair elections, freedom of speech and the press, and the opportunity to control their own destinies. My deep belief is that they are not going to surrender this newfound precious freedown to radical groups, or to anyone (or anything) else. And the women are strong.

Our tour company heroically managed to get us out of the airport late that night in a bus with the curtains closed. The next day, we convened at our hotel on the outskirts of Cairo, well out of the way of the demonstrations, and guarded (probably unnecessarily, but still welcome) by an army tank. After deep contemplation for 2 days about what might be safe to do, each person made a decision whether to stay or to go home. Although events were unfolding unpredictably (such as the mass prisoner escape) I had a deep certainty that I HAD to stay. Thinking about leaving brought tears and I felt there must be some reason our group had succeeded in being there. I even hoped that we might somehow humbly be of service to the Egyptian people by holding our poise and a deep sense of hope for them for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. Ultimately, most of the group decided to stay. After a initially tense ride through early morning Cairo past numerous neighborhood "checkpoints" (described in the news media as vigilantes, but actually courageous men protecting their homes with kitchen knives and sticks -- with smiles and peace signs exchanged between us and them when they figured out who we were), we flew to Luxor and spent 5 days on a heart-melting cruise down the Nile. All the tomb and temple sites were completely empty -- Luxor and Karnak, Philae, the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings, etc., etc. -- each one more incredibly moving than the last.

It did seem that there was no need to pray or meditate as we drifted up the Nile -- we found it to be true that "the Nile meditated us". As the days went on, we couldn't imagine leaving. People would yell "Welcome to Egypt!" as we walked through Luxor and Aswan. As we moved past fear and into trust, it was clear to us that the Egyptian people's revolution was intelligent and targeted. (For those Enneagramarians, Egypt is a "9" culture, and they finally got mad). I never felt in danger, but we were constantly aware that we needed to be sensible and stay out of the way! We were quite a novelty, though, since in most places we were the only tourists there. It's a sad time for the Egyptian economy, of which tourism is a huge chunk. Apparently, the norm is crowds of thousands, jammed tour buses, and all that that brings. We were able to walk around the empty sites, pray, climb into tombs, feed the temple dogs and cats, visit sites that have been closed to tourists for 20 years, sit between the paws of the Sphinx, and spend time with a pristine mummy still lying in his original tomb that has never been opened to the public. Many of us had incredible heart opening experiences. The Egyptian people are well aware that they are the guardians of these world treasures brimming with powerful energy. As our Egyptian tour guide said, "Egypt is beyond time and space."

We spent our next-to-last day in the completely empty Great Pyramid at dawn Friday morning meditating. Rus led us in prayer for the Egyptian people. Later that day, Mubarak resigned. When we got back to our hotel to eat breakfast, a HUGE double rainbow broke out over Cairo, and a few hours later Mubarak peacefully left the city. Our Egyptian tour guide told us she had NEVER SEEN A SKY RAINBOW BEFORE --(it almost never rains in Cairo --she had seen one once reflected in a waterfall). Happily, one of our party is a professional photographer. He has put together a beautiful slide show, which he has promised to post. Look for the rainbow!

So pack your bags and go to Egypt now before the tourists go back! I think John Anthony West and Quest Travel have a tour coming up in a month or two. We also used Dannielle Rama Hoffman's book, Temples of Light. We found her descriptions of the temple energies to be exactly right.

I will never forget the sight of thousands of Egyptians, just standing there in the Square. I will never forget their generosity and kindness to 16 stray American, Canadian & New Zealand tourists whom they allowed to watch their poignant, elegant, restrained revolution. Our return flight was cancelled, so we decided to go to Tahrir Square as a group on Saturday. We bought Egyptian flags as we drove through downtown Cairo. When they saw us waving them, people reached out their hands to clasp ours at red lights. When we got out, they crowded around asking us to be in pictures with them!! It was overwhelming. We will never, ever forget it. Though masses were still celebrating from the night before, many in the crowd had donned rubber gloves, medical masks and carried trash bags and brooms. They were cleaning up the square, just like they cleaned up their government.

Long Live Egypt!

Many blessings,
Peggy Mainor
Baltimore, Maryland

Love you, Nicki. I've been on a lot of sacred journeys, but you put together the best one I've ever experienced. Your shamanic expertise, your big beautiful heart, the way that you cared for us all like we were your most precious beloveds, ...and the extraordinary sacred sites and how we were privileged to visit them was amazing. And then, of course, getting our own private lecture from Zawi Hawaas (compliments of your good friend from Quest Travel, Mohammed Nazmy) was a mind blower. As everyone on the trip said, you over-deliver. There is no one like you, and I'm jazzed to think of the very special trip that we will make together with a small group in March of 2012 cruising up the Nile in a small and elegant boat just for us, through Jordon, and then on to Israel. I'm excited to brainstorm with you.

—Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. from her Facebook page

Dear Nicki,
I am sure you are as glued to CNN today as I am. I just have to tell you that I feel that the work you have done in Egypt since going there the first time has helped Egypt to be able to accomplish this revolution with very little violence. The good energy you have left there is in the "ethers" and has helped these good people move toward a democratic form of government. President Obama's comment that Egypt has "changed the world" filled me with joy. I like to think that this revolution will give all dictators cause to pause and think perhaps their ability to govern through fear is over. Lets hope Egypt is leading the way when it comes to making the world a better, less violent place. This is absolutely amazing to watch from my living room knowing I was there experiencing the kindness of these people. Perhaps it will also help the Christian world to see that these young, mostly Muslim, people are not violent extremists and are just like them. They and their religion, should not be feared. It is truly revolutionary.

It truly is a privilege to have experienced this country and its special people and for that I thank you.

Mary Ann Reilly

Just to let you know that I got home safely from Egypt and that the connection with the luggage with Delta went smoothly. Thanks for taking care of us so well and sorry for out anxiety about it. We got to be on the small boat with Emil and Mohamed so it was a very special trip indeed and we got to go into the tomb of Unas at Sakkara which was a major dream of mine. It was the trip of a life time and Danielle and Friedemann did a stellar, solar, and lunar job. Thanks again Nicki and to Julie for handling all the details. I feel much gratitude for you laying down the travel agenda after so many trips to Egypt Nicki and to Shamanic Journeys and Quest. Sekhmet kicked butt! Love, Sharlyn

We are back to our normal lives everything is fine but we miss you a lot...... Saul and I are so thankful for all the beautiful things and "gifts" you gave us. It was a magical trip, a trip that we are going to remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks again for everything!!!! Love, Marcela

Dear Nicki,
What an incredible journey! Thank you for making it all possible- I feel like the "red carpet" was rolled out for us the whole trip! I'm enjoying the transformation taking place in me and my life. I'm still amazed that I was actually there at all...Thank you and blessings to you on your own journey. Taya

After Four Journeys to Egypt with Shamanic Journeys:

Dear Nicki,
Thank you for another amazing spiritual travelling experience. After my fourth trip with Shamanic Journeys to Egypt, here are some thoughts and an incomplete list of the reasons I’ll continue to return to Egypt: The People—If there exists a more hospitable bunch of folks on the planet. Please kindly introduce me. Egyptians seem to possess an innate need to see that you feel welcome and comfortable. The grace expressed in so many continuous acts of kindness and generosity can be stunning. In contrast to what can typically be experienced in Western culture, especially during our more recent slide into fascism, this is particularly refreshing. Ifeel like I can learn a lot from my friends in Egypt about what it's like to be a truly decent human. The Culture— The music, the food, the neighborhoods and markets, all conspire to entice me every time I miraculously find myself returned to Egypt. I even enjoy watching the local version of 'Star Search' on TV, especially while noshing an array of mid-eastern goodies from room service. Another favorite is accepting an invitation to a village-style wedding, which is held like an insanely colorful street party, where one can hear incredible live music while watching some pretty fine belly dancing by all the little cousins. Of course, a trip through the market is intensely entertaining-breathtaking color, sounds, smells- I've even learned to enjoy price haggling, a strong local tradition. I always try to bring some recorded music home with me because it can evoke the place so well. I love to hear the call to prayer; even if it's a taped version, it never fails to stir me. The Antiquities—What can I possibly add to the volumes already written about what it's like to experience the ancient temples and monuments, how the mind expands to accept the vastness of expression contained in the stone, the heart responds physically to the art upon those walls? These are our roots, all of us, and it can be felt in the deepest way. Truly a worthwhile pilgrimage. The Nile— In my opinion, anytime a river chooses to run through a desert It’s an awesome thing, and the Nile River in particular certainly earns its place as world-famous. Hardly anything is more glamorous than standing on deck, cocktail in hand, as your boat glides into the Egyptian sunset. Ra!Nicki Scully— Who is responsible for introducing me to all of the above, and so much more. Ms Nicki is the real item, and working and playing our way together across the Ancient Land has become one of my favorite ways to achieve personal growth.

Love, Sooze (Suzie Barsotti, Laytonville, CA)

Hi Nicki,
Sharing the photos and stories of Egypt with family and friends is fun as well as frustrating. It's like pouring over some scrumptious cookbook, knowing you really have to taste the food in order to "GET IT!!!" This trip truly fed my soul! I'm more alive than ever and undeniably a believer in magic. Of course, that's what I asked for in the first circle… To know that magic is “real.” When Isis came in so clearly last week as I was working with a client in Santa Cruz, I trusted at a new level. The magic of Egypt had come home with me and was healing and calling to those I touch here. People ask me which was the most profound experience and I tell them the first experience that comes to my mind, because I figure that must be the experience they need to hear about… the falucca at Answan with Nubian drumming, dancing, singing… wearing napkins for earrings… dancing in the temples with my silk quilt… toning in the great pyramid… wailing in the mound tombs… finding the most divine Bedouin dress… walking and dressing like an Egyptian… carrying my bundle on my head… etc., etc.… but truly just Being in Egypt was profound for me. Always, there was magic, and I know that it was so because you and Jane are magical. You know how to find magic, honor it, and work and play with it. You follow divine guidance and model planet citizenship with your teachings and in your leadership. It was the trip of a lifetime for me… I am forever grateful to have participated with you. Dancer of Light… Starseed… Messenger… Manifestor of LOVE… Priestess of Playfulness, Dorcey Hadley

Dear Nicki,
I'm sending you a piece I wrote about Dendera. You are welcome to use it in any way that is appropriate. I wrote it first for my sister-in-law who is in the middle of breast cancer treatment and who we'll be seeing this week. There may be more writings one of these days. I'm not pushing it though so we'll see what comes out…


Lane De Moll The temple of Dendera north of Luxor on the Nile is dedicated to Hathor— the cow goddess of love and beauty. The same being as Aphrodite, Innana, Venus & Astarte. The morning star. When I got up at dawn on the morning we were to go there by bus from the cruise boat, I had the strong feeling that it was a day for healing and self-nurturing of breasts. Who else but a milk cow could be more appropriate?!

I wore blue for healing and certain necklaces to keep me in touch with that all day. And I tucked my sister-in-law, my friends Barbara and Lola; Emily from studying Egypt as a child, my mother, and my sisters into my pocket. The temple is old, old, old as they all are with huge crumbling walls around the perimeter. There were breathtaking paintings on the ceilings in the various sanctuaries— one of the Egyptian astrology chart and another of Nut, the Sky goddess arching over filled with stars and hands that made me gasp with the energy of their healing that came right through off the ceiling into my chest. Off to the side of the main temple and down some steep steps was a healing area filled with date palms and the remnants of an old healing pool„ long empty. An oasis in the midst of the intense dryness and heat of the place.

It was there that we did the day's ceremony— the Work of this 17 day pilgrimage to bring the temples alive again. Nicki slipped into a jingly Bedouin dress and did an incredible dance/song invoking the magic of Hathor to middle east drumming on a doumbek by one of the men in the group. "Egypt! Egypt!" Her intense eyes flashed and sparkled. As she finished we all began to dance and rattle and drum with the rising energy„and I really let loose with some serious belly dancing. My hips slid and flowed; my breasts jiggled. I felt like I had learned to do it for that moment. "Hathor, Hathor!" My heart and belly and vulva sang. Nor was I the only one being wild but they are a blur now in my memory. And somewhere in the middle of the dance my energy dropped out of my head where it usually is so busy playing with symbols and stories and connections; making plans, organizing, taking care of others; getting things to happen. It dropped right into my lowest two chakras „ kathunk „ into my deepest, ancient body self. My oldest self. So much so that I've hardly been able to think clearly since.

My Tarot work is fuzzy. Ideas kind of shimmer past. Plans just make me giggle. It has been both disorienting and delicious. A huge letting go. Later I also had an amazing moment of connection with Mother Mary in a side garden that our guide told us was a Coptic Christian area off the Mammesi or Mothering/birthing chapel. There were always so many layers of religions and traditions in these places, including the most ancient ones, pre-Egyptian stuff I could sense and catch glimpses of peeking through.

I can't remember now if there was actually a statue in the garden or if I was just feeling her presence. Blue light and great love surrounded me. I think of the Virgin Mary as a survivor. One of the Ancient Ones who managed to keep alive albeit under disguise through these ages of Christianity that tried to marginalize her, smiling benignly, holding her baby. Notre Dame. Hathor.

As we got back on the bus, I got it that I needed a hands-on healing and I asked Bobbie, the body worker who was along on the trip, if she had any time that afternoon. “No,” she said at first, then, “Wait. Maybe” It turned out she gave me an hour and a half of incredible massage„ made us late for a stop at a special jewelry store, but no matter. It sealed in the changes that had come into me in Dendera. Hathor giving still.

What does all this have to do with my breast challenged friends and sisters? I'm not exactly sure. They were with me. They were a part of the experience. It was radiating out of me. They can tune into it if they want. I did have the bare presence of mind to pick up some stones along the ground as we were heading back to the bus as I had been doing at all the temples.

I didn't get nearly enough to give to each who should have one. I didn't realize then how important the experience was going to be. I'm hanging on to the little piece of bone that I found in the same moment. Cow? I like to think so.

Dear Nicki,
It is with heartfelt love and appreciation I thank you for all you did to make my journey to Egypt so incredible. It was powerful to Egypt so incredible. It was powerful beyond words. You and Jane held this group in such a safe and honored place…which allows the space for healing and transformation.
Blessings to you dear lady, Love, Peggy Black

Peggy Black

The early wake -up call pulls me from my dream space. Even in my sleepy state I feel the excited anticipation of what this new day will bring. I take a quick shower and dress in the comfort of our spacious room, all the while thinking about the up coming experience visit to the temple of Abydos. We gather in the lounge for coffee, tea and good morning hugs. Our group has bonded so closely in just a few short days that it feels like a lifetime that we have known each other. The morning sun is just beginning to light the sky as we disembark our floating home on the Nile and travel by bus, passing fields of lush green, into the heart of Egypt's agricultural region. We pass mud, brick and straw dwellings while the beautiful people of Egypt go about their early morning tasks. I am but a witness passing by, exchanging smiles and eye contact with the curious faces as we pass. Abydos used to be the Mecca of Ancient Egypt and at least once in their lives, every Egyptian had to make a pilgrimage to this Holy City. It is here that the head of the god, Osiris, is said to have been buried. As we are escorted up the steps of this massive temple, I realize it is also my pilgrimage to this place of Orisis' Resurrection. I feel the intense energy of this awesome place even before we enter. Inside, the scenes on the walls are breathtaking— the finest reliefs we have seen. There are many long narrow chambers with high curved ceilings. I came to Egypt to rediscover or remember my ancient roots in using sacred sounds as a healing modality. I believe that sacred sound is at the beginning of all creation. Everything vibrates. Everything carries it's own resonance, and is formed by the vibrations of sound. Here in Abydos, it's as though each chamber is created for sound vibrations; each one has a resonance to sound that, when awakened, alters a person's energy and aural field. After our group ritual was completed, and we had journeyed to experience our own fulfullment through the resurrection of Osiris, I felt the sacred sounds rise within me. As I began to intone sacred sounds, the tones went forth and filled the chamber, vibrating the walls and our very cells. Emil, our Egyptologist, touched my shoulder and brought me back. I turned around to see three Egyptian officials, quietly smiling. Emil introduced me and explained that these Egyptians perceived that the ïsacred sounds' are like a prayer, and that they have a healing effect. One of the officials asks me to sound in a different chamber. I felt honored by the request, and we move to another long, narrow, room. I stepped into the archway, touching each side of the opening, and surrendered to the space and the sounds come forth with great clarity and power. The tones reverberated against the walls, filling the chamber. When the sounds faded, I turned around to the small group of people who had gathered; the official had placed his hand on his heart. When Emil translated for him, “Your sounds opened my heart,” I was moved to tears. They took me into another chamber, where my roommate, Janice, joined me. We stood at each end of the chamber and toned together, our sounds harmonizing and resonating throughout the temple. We even sat down on the floor and sounded into the stones and felt them vibrating. It felt like we were activating some ancient codes. It felt like the reason I had come to Egypt. It was awesome. It was rich. I bade the Egyptians goodbye, looked with longing one last time at this beautiful and mysterious temple, and returned to our bus. I realized I was altered as I made my way to my seat, and wondered at the profound transformation that had taken place in me. One of the officials had followed me onto the bus. He presented me with a small stone obelisk. Emil translated for me: “You illuminated Abydos. Thank you.” Even as I write this, my face is wet with tears, and my heart is open to the gracious, generous people of Egypt. I will carry this beautiful experience with me forever.

Dearest Nicki,
Thank you cannot begin to be enough to say…. The trip to Egypt completely changed my life. I like to think of myself as enlightened; however, this experience was the most magical, transformative of my life. I am already planning to go next October with you and like Louise, I plan on going every year ever after. I have been as healthy as a horse since returning; also very centered and very focused. I have just finished typing up my journal notes from Egypt before I forget too much. 14 pages! Now I am taking a break before I start writing my afterthoughts and musings! The story of Isis and Osiris is our story, the story of our soul's journey. The Neters are in each of us. Through your loving guidance I was able to have the most incredible experiences with Sobek, Hathor, Wadjet and Sekhmet within me. These aspects of myself became so real and vivid that I am very aware of them every moment now. We are all searching for The Beloved and The Beloved is in each of us. . . The trip was magical and I am often reminded of one of the young gals talking about the "Princess Factor". Well, when I was sitting on the top deck watching the Egyptian land go by and waving at the people along the shore and watching the fisherman and I was totally relaxed and content - the "Princess Factor" went sky-high!!! I did feel like Cleopatra barging down the Nile. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are blessed and a blessing! With love, Patricia Sells, Seattle, WA Egypt Review— Lorraine Tartasky Not often in one's lifetime does the opportunity arise to turn fantasy into reality. Shamanic Journeys provided that opportunity for me not only once, but twice. My first sojourn to KMT, the Black Land - what the Ancient Egyptians called their home, was so inspiring to me that I began a deeply involved and committed study of not only the Ancient Egyptian Religion and History, but of their exquisite language as well. After several years of study and a chance to know Nicki, Jane and their amazing spiritual gifts on a higher level, I decided to make the journey once again. This time, I had the great fortune to be accompanied by my life-partner of 31 years. It was truly a blessing to have Laurens share with me this spiritual part of my life. He really didn't have the interest or desire to do this journey, but, out of love, begrudgingly came along. I gave him maybe two days the most before I was sure he'd be on a plane back to Boulder. I was wrong. He embraced our fellow travelers with a genuine camaraderie that I have rarely seen him express. And, he immediately fell head over heels in love with both Nicki and Jane, accepting their spiritual guidance and wisdom with an openness that he has not done in the past. They say that Egypt heals and changes one whether or not one wishes for it and now I know this to be true. It was a blessing, yet again, to see Egypt through his eyes as well as my own. I had the fortune of remembering, very vividly, the awe and disbelief of my first visit and, at the same time, the occasion to view all these extraordinary monuments and the inherent dualities of the natural environment with more experienced perception. Experience, though, cannot diminish for one instant the glory, beauty and immensity of the art and architecture and the impact it has upon the senses. I found the tears of awe and excitement flowing freely from my eyes each time I approached one of these monumental edifices. The glyphs on the walls came alive with meaning for me for the first time, as I was able to read them and know their meaning. I must say that Emil, our Egyptologist, was just as helpful and patient as a soul could be, helping me where I faltered and always taking the time to answer all my many, many questions. His knowledge is immense and he shares it unselfishly, shedding light on otherwise totally mysterious circumstances. Mohamed Nazmy. The Surgeon. The Spin Doctor. If there are miracles to be performed, he is the man to perform them. Gracious beyond all necessity, he placed at our fingertips all manner of possibilities that otherwise would have been forfeit. Abydos! Closed for several years to tourists, Mohamed, like Wepwawet, opened the way, enabling us to be the first visitors to feast upon its glorious treasures in too long a time. To balance the physical experience of exploring the temples, tombs and countryside, Nicki and Jane, with the inexhaustible aide of Bobbie, led us through a spiritual mirror of the magic land. Starting with the Root Chakra in the depths of Upper Egypt, we made our way through the body of both the human aspect and the geographical aspect. The culmination in the Great Pyramid of Khnum Khufu was, to this day, the greatest experience of my life (not counting the birth of my two children.) Traveling from the bowels of the earth in the Great Crypt in total darkness to the heavenly vault of the King's Chamber and beyond united the work and opened my chakras to unimaginable expansion. Then there was the shopping! My gratitude is inexpressible, my delight sublime.

I never felt as well cared for on any trip (and as far as logistics go not in my real life either.) Hatem is incredible! Not only did he make sure that everything went smoothly but he has a heart the size of Egypt. I embarked upon this journey to Egypt expecting to learn a bit about the Egyptian people, their lifestyle and culture and to see and experience the wonder of the ancient Temples, the Pyramids and the Gods and Goddesses. I never expected to find the deep sense of spirituality and healing that came to me as a result of the ceremonies which were so ably led by our tour guides. Nancy Thomas

Nicki and Emil and the rest of the staff did an excellent job of putting together the trip and briniging out the richness of each place that we visited. This was the best trip that I have been on. Nicki, I don’t know how she did it, day after day, but her tireless efforts made each day better than the one before. In addition, her contacts that she forged over the years that gave us access to places that are normally off limits made this an unforgettable experience. Leroy Gebhart

Everyone was magnificent. The rituals were handled well, the private visits to the sites were way beyond my expectations. Nicki, Starwolf, Anyaa and Brad preformed sacred ceremonies that truly made me feel like I was getting a new heart. All the leaders were wonderful, they helped me to focus on my journey and not on how I’d get from one place to another, which made this the journey of a lifetime. Denis Corvin-Blackburn

Alchemical Healing Teleclass

It is hard to find words to describe my experience during Nicki Scully’s Alchemical Healing workshop this past weekend. It furthered my skills in a healing form that is accessible for anyone wishing to broaden their innate healing capacities as well as deepening their ability to love.

I received a healing during the workshop that addressed my chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. I have had numbness and pain in my arms and back daily for enough years to forget how long. I have tried many different practitioners and tried everything from Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and yoga, to conventional western doctors; however the healing I received during the class took away the pain and numbness immediately and awakened feelings in my body that I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. No symptoms have reoccurred. Additionally, it gave me tools to continue my own healing work for others and myself.

The Alchemical Healing experience went deeper than I could have imagined possible. After the healing was complete the empowerment continued; it deepened and proceeded to carry me through a profound journey full of teachings that I am still attempting to articulate. What I can say is that it provided me with vision for a more beautiful existence, and a road map how I can attain those goals.

I left the workshop electric with inspiration and the realization that this work will continue throughout my life— I look forward to fully realizing the magnitude and breadth of benefits this work will bring as it matures in me with practice.
—Amanda Starlight

First, I completely enjoyed the class. I could clearly feel the energy flow in our class meditations, the initiation and the healing exchanges. I never doubt that it will happen, but when you feel the energy flow even across the miles and the internet media connection, it is both uplifting and remarkable. Thanks very much for your time, energy and devotion to this class, Nicki. I am so fortunate and blessed to be able to participate. I hope to meet you in Eugene for a class sometime in the future.
Blessings —Ed Shoon

Gift of Healing Recording

I woke up in the still of the night and decided to listen to your healing recording... A flash of light outside, followed by a loud thunderclap and the sound and smell of blessed rain were auspicious reminders to get on with it and start listening to your 10 minute recording!

I began by choosing to focus on an area of my upper left arm that has been somewhat stiff and painful. I made a sweeping windmill movement with that arm as an initial range of mobility 'check-in'.

I appreciated the quiet, succinct instructions of the recording and, as always, the sound of your voice. My arm was open to receive.

Prompted by your instructions, a sense of hands, etherically larger and more expansive than 'human' ones, surrounded the area followed by infusions of comfrey and nettle and a buzzing bee (first deeply vibrating the area and then applying soothing honey). It was as though my arm was able to rest and be held in 'TLC' land. I made an agreement that this lovely treatment combo would/could continue at a later time --including when I slept, if necessary:)

When I 'test' my arm now--maybe 60 minutes after 'treatment' there is marked improvement in flexibility and comfort. Thank you for this online recording gift, Nicki. It's an effective and much appreciated way to share what you do!


......Three times now I have had the honor of sharing Peru with Shamanic Journeys and the magic and mystery of Pachamama welcomed us with open arms. To be able to share the energy of this Sacred, warm and loving land is a powerful, transformational experience. From the remote jungle along the Amazon, sharing the energies of the pink dolphins, then soaring over the canopy with the parrots, to the highest peaks and ancient caves of Machu Picchu, one sees the meaning of “we are all connected.” This land is truly the Mother....and we learn that to live, laugh and love in this Sacred space is to honor her from our deepest core. One cannot help but feel that this is what its all about and know that “it is time to kiss the earth again”... Namaste Peru... I will return... For we are truly connected.....

Bo Clark, Cloudland, GA

Dear Nicki

I keep trying to find the words to tell you how much the Peru trip has meant to me… The short version is that for me at least, you gave me a huge gift of being able to step completely into my own power that would not otherwise have happened. I suspect this is true for most, if not all of us present, whether everyone is conscious of it or not. . . I think I mentioned to you sometime on the last day or so my sense that in order for us to become “big” healers, we needed to be part of a big healing with a big “subject.” That, dear Nicki, was you. You are a huge energy who has done huge work in our world on so many levels for so many of us. You have no doubt been doing this all your life. . . and continuing to this day through your Alchemical Healing practice and teachings and your shamanic travel guidance. AND i know it was a major act of power for you to leap off the abyss of letting go of doing for others and letting others do for you. To let us give back some of the energy you’re so skilled at pouring out. And at the same time, as you know and teach, to let us each experience the receiving that comes as well in the process. In doing that you modeled for us the possibilities of a new modality that is moving ever more away from single charismatic leaders (or healers) and towards the group, the community, the shared experience. You also modeled the vulnerability that is vital for each of us to share if we are to join together in healing the earth and each other. We all have our weak points, our hidden guilts and sorrows, our scars. OUR FEARS! They need to be shared, aired-— brought into the light— if we are ever to become whole. To me it is as simple (and as complex) as that. I felt HONORED to be able to step into the role of giving you healing support that night under the stars in the garden in Yukay. It is a familiar role for me in my own setting, but on the trip i was shy and unsure amongst the stellar people i saw all around me— you included. But that night i could feel my power and the strength of what i had to give as a “midwife” spread around that circle and hone in on that hilarious pile of blankets and body parts that was your labor couch. What a primal scene. What glorious rushes of energies were vibrating among us. The gifts that each of us brought were magnified by the others in the circle— exponentially rippling out and recirculating. And, It was YOUR power and strength at the center that made it work— as well as the power and strength of your story and the power and strength of your love for your daughter. That was the core; that was the energy of love that we all rode on. And rose on. And sang with. And of course, that all this took place among the beauty and power of the amazing Andes, in the shadowy presence of the ancient Incas, and among a circle of 24 powerful individual teachers with great opening hearts..... Words fail again. . . Thank you for your major part in setting up the structure and the atmosphere, for calling in the perfect helpers (all of us) and taking care of the details. For making it feel safe to surrender. For understanding and allowing the organic nature of the work. And for surrendering yourself to the depth of the process. I will never be the same. I have a hugely expanded tool bag for my work in this community and the wider world. I have a deepened sense of my Self and the confidence to put it to use. Thank you! With hugely expanded respect and love for you. May our journeys continue to overlap! Lane

I want to thank you again for the magical trip to Peru. I loved every minute of it and came home feeling more at peace with myself and sometimes with the rest of the world!!! Sandy Ruppel

In November I travelled to Peru on a Shamanic Journey organized by Nicky Scully. It was a trip of a lifetime. Peru is otherworldly. What did I learn from this experience? I was humbled by the brilliance of our ancestors. I learned to appreciate my wonderful life, the abundance and the rich and rewarding friendships that I have been blessed with. I feel a stronger connection with my life purpose. I have a clearer sense of my strength and power and am able to see more of this in others. The challenges of altitude, health issues and physical hardships have made me appreciate and respect my body more, as well as the gift of life. Now, I realize is the time for me to bring the ease, the playfulness and the "sweetness" as Malku said, in the living of life. My goal is by my example, to show the way. This is my greatest lesson and my greatest challenge! Irene Yaychuk-Arabei, PhD


Hi Nicki,

I'm still assimulating the experience of our trip and have begun to play with Rachel's tarot cards with surprising results. I look forward to your deck when it becomes available. Thank you for the opportunity to participate on the journey in Greece. It was much more than I anticipated and seems to have opened inner doors I hadn't known were there before. Rachel is an amazing spirit and it was an honor to meet her. And spending time with you is always a powerful experience. Most sincerely, Loretta

Dear Nicki,

I just wanted to say that Alchemical Healing finally arrived at Sacred Source, Kingston's mystic bookstore, and I have been reading it and have been riveted. And although I was overloaded in Greece and didn't feel I was taking too much in when you were teaching, it's all jolted into clarity with the reading, and I realize I was privileged to hear it first from you. Thank you very very much, for the book, the teaching, and for organizing a trip that was certainly one of the high points of my life, never to be forgotten. All blessings, Elizabeth