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Alchemical Healing— Principles to Live By

Danielle Rama Hoffmann

Alchemical Healing™ has two major benefits: it is a powerful healing form, and it opens a path of transformation for the practitioner of this work. This was exactly my experience when I began to practice Alchemical Healing. While my clients were immediately brought to a greater level of health and well-being, I soon noticed that I was changing as well. I felt stronger and healthier than ever and gained a deeper understanding and connection to my core, my intuition and my healing gifts. I was excited to be my authentic self and able to release all the fear of standing in my full power. Through practicing alchemical healing I was becoming transformed, walking on a path of enlightenment that was unfolding before me. Through time I associated this transformation with the four principles that Alchemical Healing™ is based on. These principles are: 1. Honoring our gifts and developing our skills. 2. Co-creating with the divine through working with spirit allies. 3. Allowing space for the magic and divine intervention to occur. 4. Offering our gratitude. Living by these principles offers a spiritual path of health, happiness and well-being.

The first principle gives us the opportunity to recognize and enhance the unique gifts that each of us brings to the table. What medicine and talents do we carry? What is our signature energy that makes us special? Do we carry a talent for music, for dance, for telling stories, for making peace and instilling love into any situation? After we recognize what we carry in our “medicine-bag”, we can enhance these gifts through practice and offer them to the world. Besides our intrinsic talents there are many additional skills we acquire through the study and practice of Alchemical Healing. These include being present, attentive and being intentional, as well as, utilizing the powerful techniques and tools of the healing technology. We acquire skill in using unlimited life force energy, and the energy and intelligence of the elements earth, water, air, fire and akasha. Using Alchemical Healing also fine tunes our senses and develops our intuition, allowing us to be more precise and effective in our healing practice and in our lives.

The second principle of Alchemical Healing addresses co-creating with the divine through building relationships with allies, spirit guides, animal- and plant totems, and the deities of Egypt and other pantheons. Consciously or subconsciously we are always receiving help and divine guidance. In Alchemical Healing we ask for assistance and direction from our guides and develop an intimate relationship with them, thus creating a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds, between the divinity within and the divinity without. Spirit allies offer many healing gifts and bring their unique perspective and intelligence to the work. Each ally also has a signature energy that we learn to recognize with time and practice. Establishing relationships with spirit allies has an empowering effect on our lives. As we focus on the many positive aspects of divinity, we also build these qualities within ourselves. For example, Maät is the Egyptian Goddess, who represents truth and balance. When we invoke the attributes of Maät, we begin to create a relationship to the truth and balance that exists within ourselves. As we know the Gods, we learn to know ourselves. Once we realize our true essence and co-create with the divine our lives begin to transform in magical.

The third principle reminds us not to be attached to the results, but instead to allow space for the mystery, the magic and divine intervention to unfold. We all have witnessed an inordinate amount of miracles in our lives and the lives of others. When we pay attention, we notice there are always components that we cannot plan or account for. This is where the mystery resides. Time and space must be allowed for this magic to occur. The more we try to control the process and the outcome, the less space is available for the creativity of the divine to support us. Our responsibility is to show up, do our best and be conduits of spirit, and leave the results to spirit.

The fourth principle is giving gratitude for each moment in our lives. We offer our gratitude to the guides, the elements and allies, and all that support and teach us. What we focus on increases. Thus as we offer appreciation for our blessings, the blessings in our lives multiply. Living in a state of gratitude and grace positively impacts our lives, regardless of what we are doing. When we come from a place of gratitude our hearts open and our attitudes shift. Through gratitude we also offer energy back to our spirit helpers feeding and nourishing them and fortifying our relationship with these allies and our selves.. Many of us have been searching for an alchemical transformation - a way to live our true essence, to be at peace and to bring meaning and passion into each day. For others, and myself this transformation occurred after incorporating the four principles of alchemical healing into our lives. As we follow these principles, honing our skills, co-creating with the divine, allowing space for the mystery to unfold and offering our gratitude we are naturally guided to live our heart’s desire.

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