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Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt: Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart

By Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf

Chapter 3 -
Isis Holy Queen/Mother of Us All: Embodied Manifestation of Love

ISIS KNOWS HOW to take us apart and put us back together in an elevated form. She knows the mysteries of life, death, and immortality. She is like the symphony conductor who directs all the gods and elements. The combinations of the elements in their archetypal expressions are the principles that we call the deities, or neteru of Egypt. She invokes these gods when it is time for their unique contributions to the alchemical process that will ultimately raise us into our divinity. She calls them forth and dances between them; they surround and weave and walk between, and together they create the magic that coalesces into the alchemical gold of spiritualized matter. From her heart pours immense power and love, radiant golden light bursting forth and flowing into people, into nature, into the world. She is the mother of us all, the unseen force within that continuously urges us toward light and love.

With the laser vision and clarity of Wadjet’s eye, Isis penetrates the heart of any matter. She is the part of us that sees with the single eye with absolute clarity, compassion, and love. Like Hathor, she can find forgiveness for the worst sin or greatest mistake that any of us could ever commit.

Although she comprehends the need for duality and the resultant opposing forces required for creation to happen in our physical realm, she sees beyond duality, for she loves all that she has created and brought into form. How can she not stand behind us, her children, and support us in our evolutionary process?

As our mother, Isis is so deeply connected to us that she is encoded within our DNA, and it is she who we are expressing when we make the choice to grow and change and when we embark on the shamanic path of death, renewal, and rebirth. It is her song, singing in our blood and our soul, that inspires us to move forward in consciousness. Our faith in her voice, her song, and the promise of her presence within enables us to willingly surrender and die to the old, knowing that we will be renewed. It is the voice of Isis that we hear in all of nature, in every tree, in every flower, in every animal, and in every human. It is the responsibility of Isis—as the one who remembers how to die and be reborn—to rebuild the new human that each of us is becoming.

Isis maintains a deep connection to the physical earth and the preservation and renewal of life. As the archetypal mother of us all, she holds the maiden Nephthys within her. It is Isis’s love and commitment to rebirth that gives her the regenerative magic and power to create the rebuilt human.

Although she fully embodies the divine feminine on earth, Isis worships the sun and embraces her more solar, masculine, yang side, which provides her with the energy needed to penetrate matter with her laser gaze. Isis sees things from above and below, and from within and without.

In the renewal of the heart mysteries, the energies of Thoth and Anubis combine to create the intelligent heart/mind wisdom. Isis is then responsible for putting it all together. She takes all of the information that the gods have planted in the DNA through sound, and calls in the spirit of Neith, the great-grandmother spider, to help her weave all the parts she has gathered together, as the ram’s-headed god Khnum makes the physical form. She knows the exact way to rewire the DNA through-out the clay form of the human and to weave the ancestral lineage into the expanded molecules through the breath. With her rainbow wings she unites the upper chakras with the lower ones, Heaven with Earth, and spirit with flesh.

Although Isis comes from the stars, she loves Earth. She loves the creations of Earth and the human beings themselves. She is a great geneticist, both in physical and spiritual realms, engaged in the function of spiritualizing matter. She weaves the souls of humans into their physical form and reorganizes the parts so that they can be infused with what is commonly thought of as the energy of Christ, or Buddha, or, less commonly considered but true, the new Horus. Although this energy is not gender specific, it tends to be associated with masculine forms. Yet it is Isis who infuses the renewed heart with the power of light in the form of sekhem, the phallic, yang, powerful energy that, when directed creatively, manifests as consciousness in the world. In our culture, this would be considered a masculine function, for in order to bring the heart energy into its full power, it must be expanded with light and infused through conscious direction.

Isis seeks to bring the heart energy into consciousness so that its power can be raised in its light form. As we will learn later on from Ma’at, higher consciousness is full of light. It is this energy that she weaves into the DNA. This is where the combination of the ka, the etheric subtle body

that connects us to our ancestral lineage, and the ba, the soul, becomes elevated in the new human. The infusion of consciousness allows us to release old story lines, while expanding awareness around cellular memory. Building upon the legacies of ancestral experience, the ka holds the essence of what is needed from the past, but expands it forward in the soul’s journey. The ba uses the knowledge of the ancestors to make new meaning and purpose for the soul’s lessons and journeys. This translates into a type of marriage between the past, the present, and the future. As we progress through this first great round, our goal is to develop the akh, the illumined heart/mind that is the result of that marriage. We are literally creating the energies and planting the seeds for the ancestral lineages of future generations.

As you continue with this process, know that Isis, in her role as sacred midwife and mother, is present at every instance of death, whether psychological, physical, or shamanic. She holds us and is there with us, and we are never alone.

Chakra Balancing Attunement

Isis prefers to be outside in nature. Here she is found beside water, with one wing pointing up to the heavens, and the other pointing to the earth, on one bent knee, in full sun. There is a beautiful body of water behind her, with palm trees and animals—oxen, goats, and donkeys—designating her connection to the lushness of Earth. Isis lives close to the people of the land, and does not dwell in the temple. There are grape-vines and olives and corn growing on the hillsides and fields around her. Egrets glide over the water. She not only conveys, she is the absolute embodiment of the beauty of Egypt—the fertile, vibrant life of the fields along the Nile. She is Queen, and represents embodied connection to sacred Earth.

With her left knee placed reverently on the ground and her left wing pointed to earth, Isis honors the sacredness of Earth. Her right wing, as it points upward, honors the grandeur of Heaven. She is paying homage to the sacredness of both with her body and her spirit, and in so doing she is seeking to end separation and isolation consciousness. This is something that must be realized in the physical body of the human as well as in our conscious mind. In this stance, Isis is the rainbow bridge.

If you are in Egypt, find a village away from cities or a quiet place close to the Nile in which to create this simple ritual. If you are at home, find a place in nature, even a city park, to instigate this connection.


[Prepare sacred space. Focus on your heart flame and kindle it with love. Breathe the heart breath, feeling the powers of Heaven and Earth meeting within your heart. In its glow, invoke inner Egypt…

Kneel on your left knee, with your right foot flat on the ground. Stretch the right side of your body, extending your right hand and fingers toward the sky, while you angle the left side of your body downward, pointing your left hand to the earth. Notice as you are reaching to both Heaven and Earth, there is a rainbow connection made between the two. You have rainbow wings extending from each arm. Feel the connection like a rainbow between Earth and sky. Begin running the energy, pulling it from the knee and hand on the earth up through the body diagonally, passing it up through the heart.

You must pull energy up through the earth, up through your body and out your hand toward the sun. In doing so, your lower and upper chakras become united in a seamless channel.

It is necessary to work with the breath—inhale as you pull the energy upward from the heart of the earth… Exhale as it shoots upward to the sky.

Once you feel a strong current coming up from the earth and through your body, pay attention to how the energy is simultaneously going the opposite direction. Use your breath to enhance the flow of energy. Feel yourself becoming Isis as energy radiates down from the sun, entering through your fingertips, while at the same time it moves diagonally back through your her heart, and down through your feet into the earth…

Notice how the energies of above and below meet and connect within you, as if you are a lightning rod. As Isis, you become the connecting bridge, bringing together what might appear to be opposites, uniting Heaven and Earth. Working with Isis in this way, you become more comfortable with moving beyond either, or to the far more inclusive and.

As you run the energy from one direction, it is the AND, and from the other direction, it is the DNA. You are actually rebuilding the human by bringing in higher consciousness, love, and wisdom, and infusing it into the genetic code of the DNA. When we reverse the direction, we are expressing it back. When we conduct the energies both ways, we get both stories, and we’ve moved to the inclusive reality of the great AND in duality. Here, all things are truly one.

Be sure to ground and center yourself in this new expanded aware-ness before you fully return to your more ordinary reality. With practice, you will be better able to hold this new perspective as you move through your ordinary life…

Take a moment to give thanks for this attunement, the connection with the life-force energy, and the love of the great mother Isis who is always with you…

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