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Fossil Fuels and Greed Journey

Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert

Yesterday we did our monthly Planetary Healing Call to Action, focused on fossil fuels and greed. Given the feedback from the participants on the call, we felt that the journey we offered should be shared with everyone on our list and beyond.

To hear the journey in its live, unedited version with introductory statements and facts about the growing urgency of the situation, and the feedback from participants afterward, please go to

Before taking the following journey, we suggest that you take a moment to consider the situation, and your own participation in our planet's addiction to fossil fuels. Before we can undertake the problem of transforming greed in others, it helps to realize the greed that lives within each of us. When we find understanding and compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, we will be in a better place to utilize that compassion and understanding to help others.

Following is a guided visualization journey to help us to spiritually address the growing fossil fuel planetary addiction and the greed that is behind it:

It's important to start with the Heart Breath when we do this work. Begin by relaxing and focusing on your heart center. Find the eternal flame that lives within your heart and feed it with love. Love is the fuel. As your heart flame intensifies with your love, begin to breathe how are, vitality, and intelligence from Earth and sky simultaneously. Inhale the powers of the earth up through your spine to your heart while you draw down the radiance and intelligence from above as you continue to pour love on your flame. Soon your heart flame will connect with the flame of all the other people who have done and are currently doing this work.

The light created from the combined flames is so bright that it attracts spirit guides, totems, deities from various pantheons, ascended masters, and other intelligent beings throughout the universe who recognize our light and come to support our work… Invite whatever spirit helpers, ancestors, and your own personal guides to join you and help us with this important work… Imagine the many ways we extract carbon from the ground, including the coalmines, oil wells, natural gas wells, and fracking. Imagine how these ancient substances are being relocated from the fields and mines to the refineries and terminals, and on to the factories and eventually the consumers. Notice how most are being burnt and imagine how many ways the exhaust is entering our atmosphere… Now imagine how many different ways these fuels are being burnt: for the production of electricity, for the running of cars, trucks and trains. Envision the chimneys and exhaust pipes and notice how the air looks, smells and feels when you breathe. Consider how it's been changing since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Notice the difference within yourself—how there used to be pockets of pollution at one point in time, and now it's all mixing together and it's harder to find a place where fine particles aren't suspended in the air. Take a moment to notice the ubiquitous particulate matter…

It's easy to imagine the smog created in and around the industrial centers, coalmines and refineries… Next we go to the pristine glaciers and look closely at the black particles that have fallen there. Go to the high mountain-tops, choose a range, and notice the same things happening there. Bathe in the ocean and sense how the acidification is changing the pH as the seas absorb the exhaust.

Now begin to feel within you the wealth and power that has been held by the industrial leaders and politicians. Notice the affects as you extend your focus around the world, stopping at particular sites such as the refineries in Texas, the oil fields in North Dakota, and the missing mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky.

Return your attention to the industrialists and politicians, the oil magnets, etc. Heart breathe to them until you feel your heart flame connected with theirs. Make eye contact and once you come into resonance with them share with someone, perhaps a CEO of an oil company, a lobbyist, a person who knows that what they are doing is wrong, yet fears for their job, or a Koch brother. As you share breath and especially third eye contact, you begin to feel what they feel, experience their point of view. You can see through the eyes of their experience… Now be them. Become the people who are pushing for mining and drilling and transporting fossils fuels to where they get mined, refined and ultimately burned.

Understand their drive. What motivates them? Experience what wealth and power does for and to an individual. Feel their feelings, their excitement at winning their game and wielding their power…

Now send them the images and information of the lessons you have learned. Remind them that they and their children's children will be breathing this air and existing in the fouled world they are helping create. As you continue to heart breathe with them we all become one.

From this place, direct all the love, compassion and forgiveness you can share, using the heart breath and the collective heart fire to transform all of our greed… While you are in resonance with them, they become one with us, and in this container we have built with our combined heart flames and the allies from all over the universe that have joined us, nurture and feed, using all your senses, your vision, feelings and motivation to further influence the exchange of their experience and knowledge with yours.

Call on our allies, from nature, the plant, animal and other spirit allies, including intelligence from the spirit world such as ascended masters, deities, angels, and the galactic councils. Ask them for help.

Listen and observe closely as you are given information, knowledge, and experience to share with others after we return from this journey.

In your mind's eye, visualize the change of heart and the changes that result as our world leaders, politicians and industrialists awaken to the folly of their direction and begin to focus on appropriate solutions.

It is in that exchange that we find that place of mutual influence in between, which leads all of us to where the rewards come from creating a healthier world. Notice what happens as we all realize we, including the CEOs and the workers who fear to lose their jobs, and the politicians who fear to lose their elections—all of us can get the same satisfaction and feelings of excitement and fulfillment—and power while finding solutions and implementing them so that we can heal our world and bring things back into balance.

What are you willing to change in your life to help renew the balance? What are you willing to give up, or perhaps give away?

Make an agreement with yourself to make at least one fundamental change that will further this new direction, and bear witness, as we are being witnessed by each other and the universal intelligence, as each of the politicians and industrialists do the same.

Feel as our open, loving hearts, connected through our much cleaner breath, embrace each other with love, all around the planet and beyond. Every person, every sentient being is infused with this love and with it the desire to heal our planet, its air and waters, its forests and mountains and all our brothers and sisters in all nations and cultures…

Look into the future and see the planet as it will be when we find and use the appropriate options to fossil fuels and return our world to balance as we remember and take responsibility for the stewardship of our precious mother Earth.

Take a moment to thank all those who have informed and supported us during this experience.

Ground and center… It's helpful to write your experience in your journal as soon as you complete the journey. Please consider passing this visualization on to as many people in circles as you can.

Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert

©2014, Shamanic Journeys, Ltd.